Clifford Castle ruins, Herefordshire


The Association aims to bring together people interested in the origins and history of the Clifford family and assist members engaged in original research into the Clifford family. All material dealing with the Clifford family, including the pedigrees of individual members, will be collected and preserved at designated archives. Information of interest to its members will be published on a regular basis. A Gathering will be organised on a regular basis at places of interest to members.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Update on medieval silver brooch New information received from the College of Arms about the medieval silver brooch.

feature 2 Medieval fede-ring brooch Discovery of a fede-ring brooch in Whinfield Park a deer park previously owned by the Clifford family.

feature 3 Famous people Famous people descended from or related to the Clifford line.

feature 4 Jackie Tench IMPORTANT Mar 7 2024 Please note that the web site software is to be updated on the 11 March 2024. It might take a few days of admin to get it running smoothly again.

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